TANAKA’s Cloud Point is now part of the Diesel Specs

TANAKA’s Cloud Point is now part of the Diesel Specs


Tanaka Scientific is happy to announce that ASTM D7683 Standard Test Method for Cloud Point of Petroleum Products (Small Test Jar Method), is now included in the latest version of D975 Standard Specification for Diesel Fuel Oils (D975-17a).

This means that Tanaka’s Pour/Cloud Point tester Models MPC-102S and MPC-102L which the D7683 is based on, can now officially be utilized for testing the cloud point of diesel fuels where D975 specifications apply.

The MPC-102S allows the user to measure pour point (D6749) and cloud point (D7683) down to -65°C without the use of an external chiller. Pour and cloud points can be measured simultaneously using significantly less sample and shorter time compared to the manual methods. The MPC-102S can also offer 1°C resolution for pour point and 0.1°C resolution for cloud point with much better repeatability than the manual methods.

icon_pdfMPC-102S Pour/Cloud Point Testers brochure

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