ERACHECK ECO – eco oil-in-water testing with sub-ppm precision acc. the all-new ASTM D8193.

ERACHECK ECO – Eco efficient oil-in-water testing with sub-ppm precision according to the all-new ASTM D8193.

ERACHECK ECO is now the only IR-analyser on the market which is fully compliant with the newly published ASTM standard D8193 and further complies with the industries strict limits and regulations when testing oil-in-water.

Take a glance at the great benefits of ERACHECK ECO with ASTM D8193:

  • Highest precision even for sub-ppm measurements of total petroleum hydrocarbons 9TPH) and total oil and grease (TOG) in water, wastewater and soil samples
  • Sample extraction with the eco-friendly and CFC-free, low-cost solvent cyclohexane
  • Covering of a total measuring range of 0.5 to 1000 mg/L for TPH as well as for TOG with a method detection limit (MDL) of 0.5 mg/L. This range can even be extended to lower or higher levels by adjusting the sample and solvent volumes in the liquid-liquid extraction step
  • Easy and intuitive operation: ERACHECK ECO enables the straight forward creation of user calibrations and correlation to other established oil in water methods
  • No solvent evaporation needed (like gravimetric or solvent less IR methods require): This allows the measurement of all fractions of the sample, including light ends
  • The fully automated measurement enables the use of Eralytics 10-position autosampler for even higher sample throughput.

In summary, the combination of Eralytics ERACHECK ECO and ASTM D8193 finally provides the industry a highly precise, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient solution for the monitoring of oil and grease in discharge and wastewater applications.

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